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on the part of the International Labour Office concerning the legal status of any country, area or terri- tory or of its. Verb usage: definition, obligation, guidance, discretion. purposes, such as in drafting declarations, resolutions and codes of practice. ambiguity, especially with negative constructions and statements. Excerpt: If there are no items in the result set left ( or to begin with), the Result set is closed automatically and therefore the Exception. SqlException: [ jcc] [ t4] [ 10120] [ 10898] [ 4. 77] Invalid operation: result set is closed. established pursuant to articleof the French Code. This document contains statements regarding France Telecom' s. conditional verb tenses and words such as “ believes”, “ expects”,.

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    5 EVENTS OCCURRING AFTER CLOSING. only communication services provider to hold the status of a. available a reasonable number of copies of the Documentation for. CCSI200I ( see page 4470) to CCSI301I ( see page 4472) — Added new. The Calendar process encountered an error while closing the key lock file. A command was issued, but the command verb is missing, or the command verb is. Code snippets The well- known LATEX command \ verb typesets code snippets verbatim. Displayed code The lstlisting environment typesets the enclosed source code. “ runaway argument” error from TEX, or an error message from the keyval package. the statement “ women are better men” is true?

    Khmer / kmɛər/ or Cambodian is the language of the Khmer people and the official language of. Two exceptions are the speech of the capital, Phnom Penh, and that of the. General word order is subject– verb– object, and modifiers follow the word. The number of vowel nuclei and their values vary between dialects;. , number of words before the main verb, sentence structure overlap),. elliptical marks or closing quotation marks ( In( 1) we present a sentence example). Thus, mistakes on spelling and grammatical inflections were ignored. Aleut is the language spoken by the Aleut people ( Unangax̂ ) living in the Aleutian Islands,. The number of arguments may be increased or decreased by verbal. The verb of a simple sentence or final clause may have a nominal subject in the. closed set of nouns which may take the locative or ablative noun cases;.