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The IAC valve assembly meters intake air around the throttle plate through a bypass within the IAC valve assembly and throttle body. A historic trouble code resides in the memory of the ECM until the code is cleared by use of the Scanalyzer or a total of 50 trips has elapsed. A “ trip” consists of a start and run cycle, the run cycle lasting at least 30 seconds. As for code 35 I do believe it relates to the IAC. I replaced both the IAC and the Idle speed control actuator when I originally had the code 35 appear ~ 1 year or so ago. Have not had that code or SES light since then. MITSUBISHI ERROR CODE and Self DIAGNOSTIC. 55 Idle air control ( IAC) valve position sensor fault. 35 High Speed Fan Control Relay Circuit. GM OBD- 1 Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

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    For 1995- previous model year EFI- equipped GM vehicles. NOTE: Some codes not supported on all models, consult your specific vehicle' s service manual for the correct trouble code list and description for your application. Trouble Code 35 indicates a problem with the Idle Air Control ( IAC) circuit. It will be set when the closed throttle engine speed is 200 RPM above or below the desired ( commanded) idle speed for 50 seconds. The Programming 101 project analyzes GM OEM fuel and ignition management issues. 0 b2 code 35, IAC ERROR, ( Not Used) 1 b3 code 34, MAP Sensor low. Ford Bronco EEC IV Codes. NOTE: When you see " is/ was" listed for a code: For a HARD fault code the sensor IS out of range right now. For a MEMORY code, it WAS out of range at one time ( possible intermittent wire etc. The code 55 indicates the end of the messages. As an example, a stored code of 23 would flash 2 times, pause, flash 3 times, pause, flash 5 times, pause, and flash 5 times. Certain conditions must exist for a fault code to be stored. HONDA CRV i- vtech engine cranking but not start, i put the scanner the MIL is off show no DTC is on, but the ignition coils wires did shocked current, but all the brain box light is on when i turn on the ignition, pls i need your help. The ECM commands the Idle Air Control Valve as necessary to maintain the correct engine idle. Fault Code Description 35 - Idle Air Control Valve problem or idle error.

    code 35 Trouble Code 35 indicates a problem with the Idle Speed Control ( ISC) circuit. On request here is a listing for OBD1 GM vehicles. GM OBD- 1 Diagnostic Trouble Codes For 1995- previous model year EFI- equipped GM vehicles. Code 12 is normal and not an indicator of a problem. Please note that a code is a starting point and does not necessarily mean the particular sensor or system is bad. Codes can often be caused by other problems and the particular sensor is only reporting that its set of data is out of range; it is up to the troubleshooter to determine the cause. IAC ( Idle Air Control) System Malfunction This diagnostic trouble code ( DTC) is a generic powertrain code, which means that it applies to OBD- II equipped vehicles. Although generic, the specific repair steps may vary depending on make/ model. AutoCodes is the largest database of OBDII Codes Description and Repair Information. Our codes information will help you save money on unnecessary engine, transmission and abs codes repairs. From the System Selection Menu screen, select PGM- FI.

    From the Mode Menu, select DATA LIST. Scroll down the list to PSP SWITCH. Watch the reading in the Value column. Trouble Code 35 indicates a problem with the Idle Speed Control ( ISC) circuit. I keep having the code 35 ( idle air control valve) on my 94 chevy k1500 5. 7 and I replaced it twice also with a new pigtail. Still reading code 35. I ran sea foam and clean it with carb cleaner. CODE 35, IDLE SPEED ERROR Code 35 will set when closed throttle engine speed is 150 RPM greater or less than correct idle speed for 20 seconds. Title 35 Procedural and Environmental Rules. View the environmental and procedural rules of the Board, as well as those of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency. I realize i am a rookie and am thankful for any and all suggestions. again i am oblivious as to if any of these other sensors/ modules have any relation or are in control of the IAC valve. or have any connection to the trouble code 35. thanks in advance for any advice!

    GM OBD I Trouble Code Chart. Code Description; Code 12: No distributor reference pulse ( diagnostic test active) Code 13:. Code 35: IAC problem or idle error: Code 36:. My engine light has come on and it states that the IAC valve is malfunctioning, I got code 35. I changed the iac valve today with a new duralast valve but my van is still running rough at idle and it seems lke its accelerating on its own. TRF Administrative Code - 2- 10, revised and adopted by the Board on November. Hero’ s Honor: Line of Duty Special Death Benefit A special death benefit was passed in by the Indiana General Assembly. My 1995 Chevy K1500 set a # 35 code. Since it is 18 years old, I figured the IAC motor was original, as I am 2nd owner, and have had the truck 13 years. I replaced the IAC motor, cleared the code, but it keeps resetting # 35. Got code 35 " IAC Error". Pulled IAC valve cleaned end of pintle, sprayed carb cleaner in the hole. There was definitely some buildup on the end of the pintle, though. Code 31- code 35 IAC - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.

    By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. This may be of help to those who come across this thread: I installed the latest office 365 update and still had the problem so I restarted my computer and now Office 365 is working fine. The ECM will set code 35 when the engine speed is 75 RPM above or below the correct idle with closed throttle. This condition must be met for at least 45 seconds before the code is set. If idle speed is too high, check for vacuum leaks. If the condition is unchanged, the IAC is not at fault. When the engine is stopped, the IAC valve is retracted ( more air) to a fixed " Park" position for increased air flow during the next engine start. I finally scanned my blazer, and got DTC- 35, Idle Air Control It has been starting fine, and for a while now, when I am in park, or stopped at a light for a while, the check engine light comes on. Hi, I have a 1995 ½ Ton 4X4 with 5. 7 liter automatic. I have a DTC code 35. ( Idle air control error) Symptom is a high idle usually around 1100 and as high.

    Idle Air Control OK. Reconnect ECM and idle engine for one minute or until Code 42 sets. With engine idling scantool should display O2 voltage between 0. Code 35: IAC system problem. Can not set desired RPM. Probably the IAC is not openning enough due to something ( bad connection bad IAC). Or another sensor is telling the computor that the idle is too high. I Replaced The Iac Last Year So Im Not Sure If The Valve Is Bad Or If Something Else Could Be Throwing This Code. The Truck Is Also Throwing Code 44 ( o2 Sensor Lean). My Truck Is Running Very Rich And Only Getting About 8 Mpg So I Think The Ecm Is In Limp Mode. The IAC actuating of the ECM can be checked with a simple method: - Start engine, allow to warm up. - Disconnect one of 2 IAC connectors ( doesn' t matter which since they are wires parallel) and ground one of the 4 terminals with a 12V test light, one at a time. code 35 Trouble Code 35 is not used in the Turbo cars.

    If this code appears while a computer is connected to the ALDL connector, it is probably the result of a bad cable connection at the PC or the ALDL connector. CODE 35 IDLE SPEED ERROR 2. 5L " P" SERIES ( TBI) * 7S3209- 6ECode 35 will set, when the closed throttle engine speed is 150 rpm above or below the desired idle. POLICE AND FIREFIGHTERS' PENSION AND DISABILITY FUND ( 1977 FUND) Rule 1. Membership 35 IACApplication for membership Authority: IC 5- 10.